Helps people come back into natural balance with their physical, mental and spiritual compounds so they can gain blissfully enjoy their essential unity of body, mind and soul. 

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapy is a deep and subtle work to address muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. During each session you could experience deep healing both physically and mentally. Kabir uses slow, deep and steady pressure with minimal oil or lotion, locking into the restricted tissue until physical and in most cases also emotional release occurs.

Benefits of Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage: 

 • Release Fascial Restrictions due to accidents or injuries. 

 • Correct body contouring due to poor postural habits. 

 • Addresses Stress. 

 • Release Muscles Stiffness. 

 • Relieves Back Pain. 

 • Improves Body Flexibility.

 • Release of psychological tension 

Price: 2000,-Kč (first therapy can be up to 3 hours). Next therapies 1.500,-Kč.

Feel yourself.

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18.4.2019 | 15h00Reserve
19.4.2019 | 15h00Reserved
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25.4.2019 | 17h30Reserved
26.4.2019 | 15h00Reserved
2.5.2019 | 16h00Free
2.5.2019 | 19h00Free
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You can order your massage by phone, text message  608 442 859 or e-mail