Based in ancient wisdom, inspirited in present times

Kabir Bharti

Yoga teacher, meditator, massage therapist
Kabir is well known Meditation Facilitator and teaching Osho meditation, Tibetan and Vipassana meditation techniques to people from all over the world. He is also Yoga teacher and experienced, skillfull bodywork therapist from India and teach mainly in Holland, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

Wanna be inspired?

Original Indian jewelry, Kabir´s T-shirts, leggings, yoga props and more.

Next events

Meditace, pránájáma, filozofie jógy

25.4. 2020 - 26.4. 2020Centrum Křižovatka, Dolní nám. 25/40, 779 00 Olomouc


1.5. 2020 - 3.5. 2020Centrum Plující oblaka, Mlýnská 6/3, Praha 6 - Bubeneč

Certifikovaný instruktorský kurz meditací

13.5. 2020 - 17.5. 2020Meditárna Bedihošť, Prostějovská 64


12.6. 2020 - 14.6. 2020Meditárna Bedihošť, Prostějovská 64

Relaxační dovolená v Řecku

3.7. 2020 - 10.7. 2020Řecko, Karpathos, hotel Argo


Thank you for everything. This course was amazing and it was exactly what I needed. It definitely exceeded my expectations. All weekend meditation, self work
PetraFinancial advisor
Active meditation and meeting with Kabir was a great experience. Thanks for inspiration and enrichment. I'd like to come again.
HonzaIT specialist
We went to India with Kabir and Misha and it was absolutely great! Thanks to them, we have been able to visit places of interest and enjoy the local atmosphere. I also strongly recommend for the exotics of unruly travelers. We enjoyed it to the fullest.
VladimírIT specialist